System Coaching

The powerful therapy & coaching toolkit

Pangarden is a holistic, co-creative table game for personal development, problem solving and project support. It was developed in the wider Findhorn Community in Scotland and is designed to address real-life issues and clarify questions in a new, enriching and positive way.

Pangarden is ideal for quickly and efficiently releasing inhibiting patterns in all aspects of your life, like relationships, family, work, health and finances.


Accurately explore inner realities

Pangarden is uniquely designed to holistically access both halves of the brain. Utilising both hemispheres simultaneously – intuition through the colours, logic through the archetypical shapes – creates the necessary combination for deep, accurate and efficient assessment and processing. Valuable, relevant  information is accessed in a playful and creative way and pouring through effortlessly!

The special Pangarden card sets help you develop further insights and inner understanding, trigger ‘shift-processes’ and so enable new choices and new resonances.

With Pangarden you gain fresh perspectives on life and work situations to manifest blueprints for positive and balanced new realities.