What people say about LeoVitalis and Antje’s healing work:

I was astonished at how effective Antje’s treatment is. She is amazing, her abilities are quite incredible. She works on many levels, having a profound effect not only on my physical and phsychological health, but also on my relationships. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
~ Heather R., Scotland

Antje is offering the wholistic health support I was looking for to address my overwhelming health problems. So glad I found LeoVitalis! My health and life got back on track! Thank you so much.
~Martin K., Manager, UK

Antje has helped me many times in the past with her tinctures uniquely mixed to address my body’s needs. From my childhood I remember these tinctures being prescribed by any family doctor, when herbalism was still part of any GP’s training. Sadly today this knowledge seems almost lost and I am all the more grateful to have Antje so close at hand. With her diagnostic tools of iridology, kinesiology and comprehensive knowledge of homeopathy she is a unique and extremely successful healer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
~ Lieselotte F., Organic Farmer

Antje was very helpful. Even though she could not solve all my issues, at least I know now what is causing them and how to go ahead….
-John K., IT manager

I have had a consultation with Antje several times over the years. it has always been more than helpful and effective. Apart from her wide knowledge and expertise, one of the things that makes me confident in her work is the fact that she has a variety of health tools at her fingertips and I feel my needs are looked at from all sides. The last time I saw Antje I had an iridology session and was given a homeopathic remedy, herbs, minerals and dietary advice. I felt noticeably better within days.
~Lorna N., Artist, Scotland

I had been struggling to understand and find resolution to a deeply felt emotional issue involving my family which I felt powerless over.  As most family troubles it was complex and had many twists and turns to it.  I am a therapist myself and had been trying to resolve this issue for over a year as it was causing GERD (acid reflux) and this was having a big impact on me and my enjoyment of life. My experience with Antje has been very helpful and she has enabled me to find resolution and new healthy perspectives. My symptoms have significantly improved and I just feel better in myself.  I highly recommend Antje and her unique approach to healing. Thanks once again Antje!
~Robert. J., Therapist