LeoVitalis has various approaches which can be combined to look at the issue from different angles.

A session with me can be useful if: 

  • You have complicated or chronic health issues that you would like support with
  • You can’t find the cause of a health problem
  • As you get older, you want to shore up your health
  • You want to detox in the best way for you
  • You want to support your body before or after a long journey, or during stress or burnout
  • You need advice about nutrition and supplements specifically for your body

Introduction Session – free

What changes or improvements do you want to see and how can LeoVitalis support you in achieving these improvements? If you want to know more about what LeoVitalis could do for you, you can start with a free introduction consultation over the phone.

First Consultation (ca. 1.5 hours) : 80 €

What does your system needs to realign with health? In a first session we explore deeper what your system needs to regain balance. Here are some examples of issues from former clients:

Click here to book a free introduction phone consultation with Antje 

In most situations you will need several sessions to work on your healing process.