leonardoHomeopathic medicine operates on the principle of ‘like heals like’. This means a disease can be cured by treating it with potentised products that undiluted would cause the same symptoms as the disease.

Homeopathy is especially useful in cases where con-ventional medicine cannot help or is not wanted, i.e. because of side effects. It does not suppress symptoms, but rather aims to target the root cause of an illness on all levels.

The remedy I choose fits precisely with your own history and the influences of your family illnesses on your body.

A single remedy dosage can cause a lot of changes within all your different body systems.

BTW: Besides my regular work, a special passion of mine – having raised three children – is natural health support for pregnancy, birth and children of all ages.

I use kinesiology (= muscle checking) to find the best remedy for my client.



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